Podiatry Services

Wound Care

Dr. Jaffe has extensive training and practice treating many types of wounds of the foot and leg. Most commonly these wounds are:
  • Diabetic ulcerations
  • Venous stasis ulcerations
  • Traumatic wounds and lacerations


Dr. Jaffe performs elective reconstructive surgery on the foot and ankle. He is Board Certified by the ABPS. Common procedures include: bunion and hammertoe correction. In addition, he performs trauma surgery to repair fractures of bones or ruptures of tendons or ligaments, and surgical management of infected wounds.

Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetics often require specialized care of their feet due to loss of feeling and decreased blood circulation. Dr. Jaffe offers comprehensive diabetic foot exams and education, and offers ongoing care for prevention of possible complications such as wound, infection and amputation.


Orthotics are custom medical devices made from impressions of patients’ feet, these help control the function of the foot and to give arch support. Orthotics help treat many foot disorders and can often prevent many problems from becoming worse. These devices come in soft and hard forms, and are used for treating different foot ailments. Dr. Jaffe offers several different orthotic types including digital orthotic scanning or plaster impression casting when needed. In addition, Sole-Support devices are now being offered at SCWPod.

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries most often affect the foot and ankle. Running, walking, tennis, cardio training and weight lifting are just a few sports that can often cause foot, arch, heel or ankle pain. Dr Jaffe can evaluate these problems and offer care and further prevention.

Skin Disorder

Many disorders can affect the skin of the feet or legs. Examples include: athletes foot, fungal nails, warts, cysts, ulcerations, ingrown toenails, and skin cancers. Dr. Jaffe can evaluate, diagnose, and treat these problems. Treatments often include testing, topical medications and/or in office procedures.


X-rays can be taken at the time of your visit, and will always be read and explained the same day they are taken.

Peripheral Arterial Disease (P.A.D.) Testing

PAD testing is a painless non invasive test that can be performed in minutes to evaluate the blood flow into your legs and helping evaluate overall vascular health.